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Local and Regional Cams

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View South from Underwood


Underwood Heights


I-84 At Hood River


GorgeNet - Event Site


Looking South from Mt Hood


Skyline Hospital Cam


Skamania Lodge, Looking East


Stevenson Cams


View West From Lyle


Rooster Rock


Mt St Helens


Pacific City Ocean View


The Dalles Veterans Home




US 26 Gov't Camp

Mt Adams (and Aurora Cam)


KGW Portland Cams


Summit Creek Viaduct Construction



Previous 2 Weeks Wind Speed (Red) and Barometric Pressure (Blue)

Past 2 Weeks Wind Speed (Red) and Barometric (Blue)

The wind speed at the weather station (1/2 mile south of Wal-Mart) is considerably lower than the wind speed on the Columbia River.  When the west wind is blowing, add 10 to 20 mph for on-river conditions!


Previous 2 Weeks Wind Direction (Red) and Barometric Pressure (Blue)

Past 2 Weeks Wind Direction and Barometric Pressure

Wind direction is displayed in degrees (like a compass).  Wind from due North is 0 (or 360) degrees,  East is 90, South is 180, and a west wind is 270.


Current Month Temperatures  (previous months here)

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 Daily Temperatures (Blue)      Historical Averages (Green)      Record Extremes (Red)


Current Month Precipitation (previous months here)

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 Daily Precipitation (Blue)      Historical Averages (Green)     Record Extremes  (Red)


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